Environmental System Testing & Balancing

Serving our customers since 1984

National Precisionaire, LLC. is a Houston based firm specializing in environmental system testing and balancing. Precisionaire has been a member of the Associated Air Balance Council since 1990 and is certified in accordance with the Association’s standards. Precisionaire offers a full range of testing and analysis services.

Recent Projects

ExxonMobil Houston Campus

Completed Test & Balance on five buldings and worked side by side with commissioning agent to facilitate the commissioning process. This ensured efficient and comfortable buildings.

NRG Stadium and NRG Center

We provide a yearly equipment check as well as a more comprehensive 5-year test for the Smoke Evacuation System. These checks put the system through a rigorous test for functionality and efficiency to make sure that the life safety system operates as intended.

Texas Children's Hospital West

National Preisionaire provided initial Test & Balance services and continues to work with the hospital to complete buildouts, renovation work and quarterly OR pressure testing.  

National Precisionaire

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