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National Precisionaire, LLC is a limited liability corporation based in Houston, Texas.  We are a full service environmental systems test and balancing contractor providing progressive solutions to commercial and institutional industries.  A certified member of the Associated Air Balance Council (AABC), our company offers a full array of testing and analysis services.

Since its inception in 1984, National Precisionaire, LLC (formerly under the name of Texas Precisionaire, Ltd.) has completed numerous jobs involving a wide variety of HVAC systems and equipment. Our highly-credentialed staff has established a solid reputation in the industry.   We have experienced manpower and the expertise necessary to complete any project.  Our managing member, Michael Delcamp, is currently serving as President for the Associated Air Balance Council (AABC). With AABC Certified Test & Balance Engineers and AABC Certified Test and Balance Technicians on staff, National Precisionaire, LLC is fully capable of completing any project in a prompt and efficient manner.

National Precisionaire, LLC has experience working directly for owners, general contractors and mechanical contractors. We work closely with engineers and architects and are written into a number of specifications as an approved or exclusive provider of Test and Balance services.

National Precisionaire, LLC team members have demonstrated experience in the operation and troubleshooting of HVAC systems, open-protocol digital control systems, and testing, adjusting and balancing of HVAC systems. The firm has a long history in the Houston area and proven field experience in HVAC systems Test & Balance.

National Precisionaire

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